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Minimal, understated and timeless, our bags are designed and made to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle. Hand-made using natural materials that are kind to people and nature. Like all products using natural materials every leather part will be unique with its natural marks. When treated well, your leather products should last a lifetime…can be passed on to your kids and even become family heirloom ;) our leathers age gently, colors naturally change and darken over time. Each piece develops a distinct and unique character and will look better the more it is worn.



Our leathers are sourced from the best Italian tanneries in the world. We use vegetable tanned leather chosen for its unique characteristics, beauty, premium quality and lovely smell! This natural full grain leather will soften over time. Regular conditioning will prevent the leather from drying out and keep it supple. Take the time to give your bag a little extra love with a conditioning treatment suitable for natural full grain leather. The leather will look better and resist better to dirt and water. Always apply the product to a cloth first rather than directly onto the leather and always test a small discrete area such as the base first.



The best thing about our canvas bags is that you can wash the fabric body! Wash by hand with lukewarm water and a natural soap, like you use for your delicates, once you’ve separated all leather and wooden parts from the bag! Do not wring out. Stretch the wet bag and let it hang dry. Re-grease the leather detailing when almost completely dry. Iron with medium heat avoiding all leather and metal parts.

Our canvas bags are made of heavy cotton canvas. They are untreated and may fade over time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and will develop a beautiful unique style. If you want to make the bag more water resistant, you can treat it with a product made specially to protect cotton garments.

Fresh stains such as spilled liquids or food should be cleaned immediately. Keep cosmetic products and pens in pouches inside your bag to avoid leaks.



Most of our wooden elements are made of teak wood. No other wood compares to teak when it comes to durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance. Teak is an extremely strong hardwood that is very resistant. Even though it is very resistant do not overfill your bag. Your shoulders and back will thank you for it!


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