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Dear Friends and Fans of Dcember,
When we started Dcember six years ago, we had the dream of building a responsible company that designs and makes honest, timeless and durable bags. Pushing the boundaries of a modern and impactful accessory brand: rethinking our supply chain; creating bold, qualitative designs in vegetable tanned leather, while building on a seasonless business model. It has been quite an incredible journey with both rewarding- and challenging moments.

Life intervened in a multitude of ways and we were also affected by the changing retail landscape and market forces at play. This taught us so much, and it led also to an opportunity to refine our focus on what is most important.  Dcember is taking a step back, because we need time to do exactly that. Go back to our roots, take care of what is dearest around us.  We continue to explore a future for Dcember. Instead of the widely used linear process, we are working on possibilities to rebuild our value chain, but we need time for this. Ideas abound especially in the areas of the circular economy. We hope to come back one day with that as a central driver in our entire process.

We are incredibly proud of all that has been achieved. We have come so far thanks to the support of our community, fans, partners, investors, and our team. We are grateful to everyone who has been part of supporting Dcember. None of this could have been possible without any of you.

For the moment we are going to say “Tôt Ziens”, which is not a definitive good bye,  and look forward to exchanging once again with our supporters under more auspicious circumstances.


Warm wishes,


& the team at Dcember.