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DCEMBER is an Antwerp (Belgium) based design label founded by designer Florien Pénard. Dcember has the ambition of building a responsible company that designs and makes honest, timeless and durable bags pushing the boundaries of a modern and impactful accessory brand: rethinking our supply chain; creating bold, qualitative designs in vegetable tanned leather, while building on a seasonless business model. 

“A DCEMBER bag is a lifetime piece with endless possibilities day by day, all over again.”


The more durable pieces are the ones we treasure. ‘They grow on you’. Dcember bags are made of vegetable tanned leather. The whole process of vegetable tanning is carried out without the use of toxic substances or heavy metals. This type of leather absorbs the traces of our life and leave a personal patina. They will look better the more you wear them. Every piece will be unique with it’s natural marks. This is a sign of quality.


There are as many unique DCEMBER bags, as there are unique women. Just like the interior of your house, you start from a base and accessorise according to your mood or season. A beloved object that becomes an icon for what YOU stand for.


The way we consume makes us aware of how we love and treat our planet. At Dcember  we prioritise long-lasting quality and are drawn to stripping down and simplifying, in life and in our wardrobe. All our bags are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans. With DCEMBER you choose for a production process which is kind to people and environment.